Grandma has always wanted to see a penguin. His wish was granted at the age of 104.

Dreams are unique. We have had many dreams since we were children. Most of us are capable of attaining our goals, but many of us fail to do so. An agency has been established to help people realize their aspirations, particularly those who are unable to do so.

Our hero is 104 years old today. Bertha Komor wrote a letter about her dream. It was delivered to the organization. When the employee read the 104-year-old grandmother’s letter, she was moved and wanted to help.

The 104-year-old grandmother’s dream was to see a penguin, and the organization fulfilled that wish. Her grandmother’s hope was to be realized. Not to mention that 104-year-old Berta Komor resided in an aged care facility.

Mrs. Berta sat in the living room with acquaintances who became her family for the gathering, which was organized in a very casual manner. Penguin had a unique name when he was presented to him. Mr. Red Green was his name. Mrs. Berta simply did not anticipate her long-awaited wish coming true.

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