Before the owner had time to figure out what was happening, the nimble dog grabbed the find and quickly swallowed it
Walking in the park is a common thing for little chihuahua Rita and her owner, Seth Mercing, who live in Texas. These two just love to run, have
Couple Adopts Orphaned, Injured Baby Deer, Don’t Realize He’ll Become Best Friends With Their Cat
It is not difficult to find videos on the Internet that clearly illustrate that animals are capable of sincere love, moreover, they show their feelings without demanding anything
Thief in the house: the owners set up a camera to catch the “criminal” red-handed:)
Aivar is an adorable dog who lives with Chrissa Wright and her parents. The cute dog has proven himself from the best side for a long time, so
A hamster is having the best day of its life at Disneyland !!!
For children, as for adults, a day at Disneyland is always a magical moment. Strong sensations, emotions, delicacies and magic are in the program. Of course, the day
Just an awesome dog reaction to a paw massage!
Doggie seems crazy about paw massage. His owner is no less pleased) A funny video is present to your attention…
The cat returned from a walk in the forest with baby squirrels who were left without a mother!
This cat loves to walk outside. Her travels are not limited to the yard near the house, she often goes to the forest located nearby. Sometimes a cat
A 2-year-old girl was playing with a Doberman. Suddenly, the dog whined at the baby …
An Australian woman Catherine Svilicic lives with her husband and 2-year-old daughter Charlotte in the suburbs of the Australian city of Cairns. And recently, their family was replenished