Man Adopts Dog 24 Hours Before He Would’ve Been Put Down,Then The Dog Saves His Life

A wise man once said: in this life we have to do good, for the good to find us, and the next story is a perfect illustration of how true this saying is.

Buddy was a cute dog that sadly was facing a terrible fate , he was getting euthanized, Richard was a man that went to a shelter to find a dog for adoption , and destiny decided that they cross each other’s paths.

It was a coincidence but Richard meet Buddy one day before he was put down, when Richard learned what is going to happen to the poor dog, he just couldn’t let him face that destiny and decided to adopt Buddy and give him a forever homefull of love and care.

Time passed and the duo had developed a great friendship , since Richard was a Vietnam war veteran he used to suffer a lot from PTSD but Buddy offered him peace and he started to go out and socialize more.

One day on their usual playing around , Buddy got fixated on a sore spot his best friend and owner had on his head, the dog insisted to give importance to it and keep touching the sore place , and wouldn’t stop barking as if trying to warn Richard of something, luckily the man trusted his furry friends instincts and went for a check up.

After the doctor examination it turned out the sore was a serious matter , since it was a form of skin cancer, but finding out early Richard underwent a surgery and all ended up well.

Buddy paid back his owner , and saved his life .

The amazingly peace effect the dog had, turned him into a service dog, being diabetic Richard gets alerted for the sugar intake from Buddy , and the dog also spends time in nursing homes around terminally ill patients, to bring fun and peace to them in their final days.

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