In response to the comments made by trolls questioning his wife’s weight, Pierce Brosnan stands by her side and supports her.

In response to comments made by trolls about his wife’s weight, Pierce Brosnan sticks by and protects her. The majority of people think relationships in Hollywood are transient.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry frequently work together with a variety of other well-known figures during their careers,

which exposes them to temptation and results in them meeting new partners along the way.

This might be the case for many couples in the field, but not for Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keeley. They have spent three decades together.

Pierce initially met Keely, who is ten years his junior, at a celebration in Mexico.

She had been tasked with interviewing Ted Dunson as a reporter. She ended up really enjoying herself with Pierce.

Keeley told People in 2001 that she was «tall, black, and hot, everything that would quickly make anyone drawn.»

The James Bond actor’s wife Cassandra had just passed away from ovarian cancer at the time. Kili’s arrival, which was exactly what he was searching for, couldn’t have come at a better moment.

Pierce was a single parent after adopting the boys soon after marrying their mother because Cassandra already had two kids when they first met. A short while after the birth of their third child, Pierce and Cassandra got married.

Kiley and Pierce decided to add to their happy family with a second child in 1997, three years after being married.

They welcomed a son named Dylan into the world in January of that year. They welcomed their second son, whom they named Paris, in 2008, four more years later.

Keeley struggled to put on weight because she had two boys in less than four years. She was forced to carry another child for the second time since she was unable to shed weight.

Keeley didn’t let people’s unrealistic expectations that Hollywood celebrities should always look flawless affect her because she wasn’t one to be affected by them.

Despite the pregnancies that caused her to put on weight, she was pleased with the transformation in her appearance.

Despite being extremely slim before, she enjoyed the fact that she had gained a little weight as a result of becoming a mother.

Keely enjoys her physical appearance and has her husband’s complete support. They still care for each other very much, as evidenced by the photos they posted online.

The pair doesn’t let other people’s beliefs stand in their way, but it doesn’t mean they won’t continue to talk to one another or post on social media.

The majority of the time, trolls would question why Pierce would pick Kili over other women when she has lost some of her attractiveness due to her weight gain.

Jenelle Evans, a famous Teen Mom star, wrote one of the remarks that quickly became popular online.

She shared a picture of Keeley and Pierce taken 20 years apart before and after. The pair continued to kiss passionately as if they were the only

two people on earth despite the fact that it was obvious that they had grown considerably more difficult during the course of their relationship.

This is us, Jenelle captioned the picture, adding her husband’s name to the post.

Because of the negative feedback the post received online, Jenelle and her husband’s access to their Facebook accounts was briefly blocked.

Keela’s weight gain was noted by even the couple’s close friends, who expressed concern.
In a recent interview, Pierce said this: ‘Friends offered her weight loss surgery.’

However challenging his wife may be, Pierce will always love her. Nothing matters.I like every curve in her body…

I think she’s the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. And because she gave birth to our five kids…

Aw! What a great boy! And he hasn’t finished it yet. ‘In the past, I really liked her for her personality rather than just her beauty, and now since she is the mother of my children,

I love her much more.’ And I constantly work hard to earn her love because I am so proud of her.
Keely is undoubtedly a very lucky woman.

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