Look who is the new lover of Selena Gomez: they aren’t trying to hide their romance

The 30-year-old American star prefers to keep her romances under wraps since her heartbreaking breakup with Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

Nevertheless, despite the star’s efforts to maintain privacy, the details of her personal life become public.

Nowadays, the new lover of the singer of the hit “Dance again” became popular. They became 33-year-old musician Andrew Taggart.

A source close to the couple said that young people spend a lot of time together. They go to the films and go bowling.

“They don’t try to conceal their romance by visiting private clubs. They are an ordinary-reserved couple. Selena is very connected to him, and they can not tear themselves away from each other,” says Us Weekly.

The Chainsmoker band member earlier dated Steve Jobs’ 24-year-old daughter, Eve. Gomez’s last known relationship was with The Weekend frontman Abel Tesfaye. They divorced in 2017. Since then, the actress has taken care of her health and creativity.

The Disney Channel star lately made a candid confession. She told that because of the pills taken as prescribed by the doctor, she would not be able to give birth to a kid.

Current years have been particularly hard for the artist. She struggled with the disease and was persecuted because of the changed figure


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