They have won the genetic lottery: look what Brendan Fraser’s handsome sons look like

Brendan Fraser won the love of fans by performing in several cult movies, such as “George of the Jungle” and “The Mummy”.

The actor had to overcome a lot to endure the cruel world of Hollywood. Many years later, he returned to the screens and even got his well-deserved Oscar. On this long and thorny path, Brendan was supported by his beloved sons.

Few people know, but the actor has three boys. Brendan Fraser’s kids prefer to keep away from camera flashes. Nevertheless, the actor’s two sons, Holden and Leland, came to the awards ceremony to support their father.

The appearance of the sons of the actor caused a noise. The sons of the actor are as handsome as their father in his youth.

Furthermore, the sons of the actor are totally different. Holden is a brutal and handsome man, with an athletic figure and a confident look. And Leland is a red-haired, long-haired handsome man. His appearance can be called androgynous.

The audience was satisfied with this beautiful family. It is worth noting that Brendan Fraser protects his eldest son from unnecessary attention because Griffin has autism.

The young man is 20 years old. According to the actor, his son is surrounded by love and attention.


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