This blind fiddler is the best there’s ever been

A must-watch for all ages, even if not a fiddle enthusiast, it is worth listening to his mind-blowing performances.

A refreshing sight to see and vibrant sound to hear, this man will make a sunny day out of all gloom as he is a joy to watch.

During the Scenic Root performance, he almost appears to be doing a solo performance, much to the crowd’s pleasure, and the crew gives him ample time to do so.

It seems Michael Cleveland has no time for pleasantries as he takes to the violin in his arms with tenacity, and his presence is palpable even for some watching online.

If you are new to fiddler music, this might be the best video to introduce you to the genre. Michael Cleveland exemplifies this category of music, his handicaps notwithstanding.

His spirited performances seem to draw in larger crowds, both physically and online. This top-notch performer has found his way to the hall of fame – a well-deserved accolade.


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