The man saw a rusty chain in the ground and pulled. She led to a chariot that lay in the ground for 2000 years.

That day, because of the rain, treasure hunter Mike Smith moved away from his usual route. Not far from the farmer’s field, he saw an old chain in the ground and just out of boredom pulled on it. The rusty links led him to a 2000 year old Celtic chariot. The outskirts of a farmer’s field is far from the place where a treasure hunter expects to find valuables. Mike worked with a metal detector, the device gave a signal corresponding to iron, so the man noticed a chain that had grown into the ground. Thinking that the heavy chain could at least be scrapped, the searcher pulled the links remaining on the surface.

To his surprise, the rusty chain went far down, Mike had to go for a shovel and start digging. After 10 minutes I forgot about the rain. On a shovel, I pulled out three bronze amulets at once and it became clear that most likely I had an ancient barrow under my feet,” Smith later said. Of course, Smith could no longer dig a whole barrow alone.

He turned to specialists at the local university, and three hours later a whole group of archaeologists was working on the spot. The excavations showed that the treasure hunter really managed to find a real treasure, and it belonged to the Celtic leader. The chain is not a chain at all, but a part of the chariot itself. I would never have dug it up myself, but now the pros are working on the spot,” the treasure hunter told reporters. Excavations at the site are in full swing. You have to work very slowly, because under the chariot there is probably a chamber where the leader of the Celts himself lies.


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