‘Is she really going to outdo mom’: Bellucci and Kassel’s 18-year-old daughter in a photoshoot for Vogue

A little over a month ago, the daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, Virgo Cassel, reached her majority and is now ready to conquer the fashion world.

The girl has long been engaged in filming at the global level, but now a lot of opportunities are available to her at the professional level.

For this, the young model has all the data – Virgo inherited her mother’s femininity and charm, as well as her father’s confidence and determination.

On October 8, on her Instagram page, the girl published the announcement of her photo shoot. for Vogue Turkey magazine.

The 18-year-old model changed up several spectacular looks – from a white striped mini dress to daring outfits in a bra and tight shorts.

A distinctive feature of the photo set was the addition of elegant Cartier jewelry.

Many Virgo fans didn’t hold back their emotions in the comments:

Your body… you… are so beautiful
You are very beautiful
So proud of you… Keep it up Dewaaa

Just great!… you have surpassed your mom (who was already top)!!!
Your beauty is out of this world!!! So beautiful and uniquely original!
You are beautiful like your mother


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