Her 15-year-old son doesn’t wash unless she reminds him: ‘When I stopped, he was told he smelled bad’

Adolescence is a complicated period, both for children and for parents, who must manage the different situations in the least intrusive way possible. It’s not easy, and we often face arguments that never seem to end. One mother, for example, asked Reddit users for advice on how she was handling her 15-year-old son Mike’s personal hygiene problem. The latter, like most young people, never wanted to shower and forgot to do so to spend more time in front of video games, despite being reminded by his mother several times during the day. His mother felt desperate and hopeless over this problem, but one day the boy learned an important lesson.

The woman described her 15-year-old son as a good boy who, deep down, is doing quite well in school. His only problem is his addiction to video games and the fact that he does not know how to take a break or stop playing. “He loses track of time very quickly and forgets to do other things unless he is reminded several times (and gets angry because he is reminded of things),” said the mother, also giving an example: “He forgets that I told him to go downstairs to eat, gets angry if I call him more than once, then he comes downstairs half an hour later and gets angry because his meal has cooled. As soon as the boy’s grades started to drop, his parents confiscated his console. Since then, his academic performance has improved. The problem of missed showers, however, was never fully resolved.

His mother often told him to take a shower, but the young man only remembered to do so around 10 or 11 p.m., and inevitably ended up making noise in the bathroom. But his mother, who has to get up at 2 a.m. to go to work, begged him to always take a shower before 9 p.m. Despite constant reminders and requests, nothing seemed to work.

Finally, the mother gave up constantly repeating the same thing to her son: if he didn’t want to take a shower, that was his business. “So a few days ago I decided enough was enough for me. I no longer reminded him ten times a day. He didn’t shower for four to five days in a row. He makes sport. He stank. But he still wasn’t taking a shower,” the woman said.
On the fourth or fifth day without touching the soap and water, something happened: Mike came home angry and wearing a sweatshirt, while it was very hot. As soon as he got home, he immediately went to take a shower, after which he started shouting, “Why didn’t anyone tell me I stink? »
Apparently, Mike had learned the hard way how important it is to wash that day: his friends had started behaving strangely precisely because of his bad smell and, finally, the girl he had fallen for told him why and even offered him a deodorant. Of course, Mike was deeply embarrassed, but we’re sure it was more fruitful than any reminders from his mother.


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