An elderly yorkie with its tongue sticking out was left alone

Older animals who have suddenly lost their owners sometimes come to the Polanka shelter. It is not easy to find a home for them because they often have their own habits, peculiarities and also illnesses.

One day an old yorkie dog called Carlosha came to the shelter. He was 11 years old.

The staff were worried about the dog, as they wanted to find a wonderful home for him, as all animals deserve happiness and love.

Eventually Anna and Vyacheslav fell in love with the dog. The couple wanted to keep the cute boy for themselves.

They had already gone to the dog beauty salon with him, had his hair cut and put on special clothes to keep him warm.

“The doggie is very calm. We sleep together, he lies down between the pillows. He is a very intelligent dog who is human oriented. He observes reactions, learns what he can and cannot do,” Anna shared.

The dog is enjoying his new life, grunting with pleasure as he eats.

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