A little girl wakes up her great-grandfather to cuddle him and be with him: the images that moved the web

Children are one of the most beautiful things that can happen in a person’s life. Whether it’s children or grandchildren, we can’t help but love them unconditionally and from the bottom of our hearts and are positively touched when we witness gestures of pure and spontaneous affection.

This is what happened to Joana Rita Confraria, who was the spectator of an extremely sweet moment between her granddaughter and her great-grandfather. These images moved the web and the 13 million Internet users who viewed them.

In the video, posted on her Instagram profile, the woman shows her beautiful baby walking up to his great-grandfather and waking him up from his nap. The little girl approaches the elderly man and, after waking him up, begins to caress his cheek. For his part, instead of feeling “disturbed”, the old man looks at his granddaughter with eyes full of love and begins to play with her.

“These two are a blessing to each other,” the video caption read. Although 97 years separate them, they are united by a strong love for each other. They are my two masters. She wakes him up from his naps and he couldn’t be happier. I will forever carry in my heart the images I witnessed and they are a blessing, and I am sure they will be the same. »

With these words, mum Joana describes a moment that moved her deeply and made her realize, we are sure, how much affection can be between two people, despite the big age difference. We are sure she will never forget those moments, just like the 13 million users who were moved by the video and felt so much affection.

The photos show the little girl more than once looking at her great-grandfather with curious little eyes, taking his large hand and stroking it as she does his face, before approaching his forehead and, between one toy and another, tell him indirectly that she loves him and is grateful to have him by her side. Which, most likely, the old gentleman also thinks.


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