Woman receives call from hospital and discovers she has lost her unloved sister and got two newborn nephews – The Story of the Day

At a young age, Linda’s older sister left her in an orphanage. Years later, she was left to care for her little nephews, who were facing the same fate.

As a child, Linda and her older sister Amanda were constantly arguing. Eventually, Amanda went to college and Linda stayed in high school.

The quarrels stopped for a while as they no longer lived in the same house. But whenever Amanda came home, the fighting continued. ” All I want from you two is to stick together no matter what,” said their mother Meredith.

It all changed when Meredith got sick. Since the two girls had no father, Meredith had no choice but to ask Amanda for help.

“If the worst happens, please don’t leave Linda. She’ll have to live in an orphanage, but as soon as you finish school, please come back for her,” Meredith begged Amanda.

Eventually, Meredith died in her sleep. Linda stayed at a local orphanage, awaiting her sister’s graduation.

At the end of the year, Linda got the news that Amanda had graduated and tried to call her. Amanda dropped the call without saying a word to Linda.

As the weeks of waiting turned into months, Linda realised that Amanda would never come back for her. The sisters never spoke again and grew to hate each other even more.

After a difficult year, the lovely couple, Tim and Gabby, adopted Linda. She was treated like a member of the family and enjoyed the rest of her school life. The adoptive parents attended her college graduation. “No matter what happens, we are always a phone call away,” Gabby told Linda.

Linda became a successful estate agent in her hometown. She loved helping people find their dream home, as Tim and Gabby did for her.

One day Linda got a call from the local hospital. A nurse informed her that she was Amanda’s contact person. “I am very sorry to tell you this, but your sister passed away due to complications during childbirth. She gave birth to two sons and you are their next of kin,” the nurse explained.
Linda was confused and angry. Amanda hadn’t even told her that she was pregnant, let alone that she was the next of kin. How dare she, Linda thought to herself.
She decided to call Tim and Gabby for advice. They had already helped her deal with her feelings of abandonment and she knew they would have great advice.
“I know it’s hard to accept, but Amanda was your sister and those two newborn boys didn’t do anything wrong. At least go to the hospital and find answers,” Tim told Linda.
Linda thanked Tim and Gabby for the advice, but was still unsure. She felt that this responsibility lay with the children’s father, not with her. Linda thought she would never adopt the boys, especially considering what Amanda had already put her through.

Linda arrived at the hospital seeking answers and spoke to one of the nurses. The nurse informed Linda that Amanda had left behind a note before she passed away.

“It may be too little too late, but now I understand how many mistakes I made and how much I regret them.

I know that forgiveness is the last thing on your mind right now, but please consider my dying wish.

I am asking you to accept my children. I am begging you.

After all, only after becoming a mother did I understand what emotions our mother was experiencing when she asked me not to leave you.

I feel these emotions now… I’m so sorry,” the note read.

Linda found it difficult to process everything all at once and sat in the hospital wondering if there was more to the story. Where on Earth is their father, she thought to herself.

“No matter what arguments you boys have, you should always stick together, through thick and thin.”

She discovered on Amanda’s cellphone that there were hundreds of calls and messages to a man named Derek. As it turned out, Derek had skipped town once he discovered that Amanda was pregnant.

Amanda was left alone with no support for months before she went into labor. This situation reminded Linda of her mother. Meredith had also been abandoned by her husband after Linda was born and needed to play the role of a single mother.

Linda called Tim and Gabby once again to vent. “When I look inside the nursery and see those two baby boys, I remember how I was left at that group home,” she explained. “It sounds like you know exactly what to do,” Tim replied.

After she chatted with Tim and Gabby, Linda left one more message for the father of Amanda’s children.

“I hope one day you realize your mistake by abandoning my sister and your sons. All I can hope is that one day you seek forgiveness before it’s too late,” the text read.

That day, Linda signed on as guardian of her two nephews. She named them Timothy and Gabriel, after her adoptive parents, who had helped her so much. For her, the most important thing she could do to honor her sister and mother was to ensure that the boys always had each other’s backs.

“No matter what arguments you boys have, you should always stick together, through thick and thin,” Linda told her nephews. The three lived a happy life together, and Linda felt a special joy in providing a home for the boys.

In remembrance, Linda always took them to place fresh flowers on their mother’s and grandmother’s graves.

Linda had forgiven her sister and always wished they could’ve reconciled while she was still alive. But she always felt comfort looking at Timothy and Gabriel, as they had Amanda’s eyes.


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