With The Help Of A Giant Dog A Grumpy Shelter Kitten Transforms: She Found Her Peace

At Jelly’s Place in San Pablo, California, the kitten wasn’t exactly the most adoptable.

She would hiss and withdraw her entire body into a corner when people went by or approached the kitten’s cage.

The kitten, who had been found as a stray, didn’t have a hope of finding a home.

Kendal Benken, one of the shelter’s seasoned wild kitten whisperers, was contacted. Benken told The Dodo, “They said, ‘You best come here and have a look at this strange animal.’”

Benken has mastered the art of taming even the most untamed kittens.

She and her rescue dogs and cats have the ability to make even the most distraught creatures feel at home.

She dashed over to the shelter and had a look at the cat. Benken concluded the 5-week-old Siamese wasn’t intimidating, but afraid, within minutes.

“No one was able to touch her.” “She was enraged,” Benken explained. “She was a small devil,” says the narrator. It was a fight-or-flight response.

She had most likely never been handled before. She was abrasive in her demeanor. She was hissing and hissing and hissing and hissing and his “However, she was lovely.”


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