With joyful students, the teacher makes a proposal to the teacher

As much as we’d prefer to deny it, gossip and rumors, as the old adage goes, spread like wildfire.

For whatever reason, people appear to love discussing issues and circumstances in the lives of others. In one video, a teacher addresses a rumor in front of a class of kids.

The video on YouTube opens with a man standing in the front of the classroom. He’s all business, attempting to dispel a rumor and chatter about himself and a coworker.

A woman stands directly to the man’s right when he does this, and she does so throughout the film.

‘Raise your hand if you’ve heard anything about Miss Barker or myself,’ the male teacher asks the class.

The eager pupils finally get an answer to the much-discussed rumor regarding the two teachers.

‘There’s a rumor that Miss Barker and I are dating,’ the man claims. ‘So, to answer your question, yes, we are dating.’

The kids explode in joy at the revelation of the two lecturers’ romantic relationship. But the guy teacher goes a step farther!

‘We’re more than just dating because I’m absolutely in love with her,’ he says.

After further enthusiastic yelling from the students and someone in the room tells them that ‘this is his moment, let him have it,’ the male teacher continues.

‘Would Miss Barker like to become Mrs. Seifert?’ he says as he gets down on one knee and proposes to her.

We don’t hear her response because of the students’ yelling and chanting. However, she almost certainly said yes. As the video ends, the two embrace longingly.


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