Video Of Bunny Chomping Snowman’s Carrot Nose Is Winning Over The Internet

The Bryant family, from the Cambrian Heights suburb in Calgary, recently shared a video of a bunny eating a snowman’s carrot nose. The video quickly went viral and had over 61.7k views at the time of writing. It was even featured on the news, including on CBC and NBC.

Mr. Snowman, meet Bunny. Bunny, meet Mr. Snowman

At first, people thought that the bunny came to give Mr. Snowman some kisses. But in fact, the kisses turned into nibbling. The hungry bunny devoured the entire carrot and left only a small chunk behind.

Little snow kisses

When the family watched the amazing scene, they filmed it and took the opportunity to take some photos. Scroll down to see the video that is guaranteed to make your day brighter and warmer!


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