Two Ginger Brothers Discovered in a Garden Have Been Together Since Day One

Producer and event organizer Anya Yukhtina, from Moscow, Russia, met the two kittens that are now in her care in a fortuitous meeting. She explained, “My buddy brought them to me after my friend’s father discovered them in their rural home’s garden.

They are called Fatty and Skinny because they are both in good form. Don’t worry), and they go together. They stay together all the time! Together, they eat and sleep. Additionally, they work together when attempting to steal anything from the table. They are the ideal friends.

My friend’s father found them in their house garden and my friend brought them to me.

They were only 10 days old when we first met.

Teaching them to eat on their own took approximately a month.

When they were like 3 weeks old they got sick with ringworms.

We had to wash them every 2 days and do medicine shots to cure them.



At the age of eight months, Fatty and Skinny are healthy and content.

Sometimes they run one after other but the fighting stops quickly and purring begins.

They are always together! They sleep and eat together.

Also, they work together when trying to steal anything from the table.

They are the best friends!

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