Tom Hanks & Sandra Bullock recreated the popular giant piano scene from “Big” movie

Playing piano is one of the hardest things in the world. You have to practice a lot, be professional, and besides all of that feel it with all of your heart while playing. Imagine doing all of that with your legs! Yes, you read that right, with legs. Sounds tough right?

Recently in one of the popular shows, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock tried to do that very challenge and compared their skills. The duo made this difficult task look very easy and the audience enjoyed it. All of this was symbolic for people to watch Tom Hanks doing this, because of the scene in one of his films where he jumps on a giant piano and plays it with his feet. His real fans instantly knew that!


Ross in their duo performance moved aside after doing some notes and let Hanks amaze the crowd alone once more, as everyone was enjoying watching Hanks. She let him enjoy his moment. Everyone in the audience wanted to see Hanks recreate the magical scene from ‘Big’ and play ‘Chopsticks.’ And that miracle happened on stage once more and amazed everyone.

Comment section was full of his fans warm words. They said that it was very pleasant for them to watch their two favorite performers on the stage together, recreating on of the iconic movie scenes in history.

Bullock and Hanks seemed to be natural at playing the piano with their feet, that is why many wrote in the comments that they make it look very easy, but people should appreciate what they did, as it is actually a very hard thing to do. The amazing performance, that has been loved from many people all over the world is available below. It is just one of the Ross’s shows favorite moments of all time.

You can watch it! It is certain you will be just as impressed as those who saw the performance in person, sitting right there.


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