This Puppy Can’t Hold Back His Tears When Separated From The Cow That Raised Him

A lovely puppy named Rookie lives with his family on a farm in South Korea. His adoptive parents made sure that he received all the love that a puppy needs, but in a very unique way and with the help of a cow. Rookie lost his mother when he was born.

Rookie didn’t want to leave his side for a second as this cow grew to be his guardian and reared him, but sadly, the day everyone dreaded arrived and Rookie’s parents had to sell the cow since they couldn’t afford to keep her.

Rookie’s uncontrollable tears as the cow was taken away from him served as more evidence that animals are sentient beings that require both love and to be loved.

He was helpless to stop her from leaving as he watched in desperation.

The circumstance made Rookie’s family very upset as well; they care about him and hoped that his misery would pass quickly, but it didn’t; he felt so horrible that he was unable to eat.

In his hour of need, Rookie was very crafty and chose to follow the scent of his adoptive mother, who lived close to his house. By using his nose, he was able to find her.

Even though they were in a difficult financial condition, her parents resolved to take whatever steps were required to bring Rookie back home so that they could make their beloved puppy happy once more. Her parents couldn’t believe how precious the cow had become to Rookie.


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