This girl has become a rock star thanks to her powerful voice… «And I’m Telling You» sounds better than ever.

Courtney Hedwyn is a contestant on the British show “The Voice Kids” and her performances have been consistently improving. During the final, this talented young rock singer delivered an outstanding rendition of the iconic song “And I’m Telling You,” originally made famous by Jennifer Hudson. The song demands a strong, forceful voice with a remarkable range, which Courtney demonstrated effortlessly in her own unique style.

Every aspect of Courtney’s electrifying final performance is impossible to overlook. Her captivating stage presence is truly remarkable, and her vocal ability, which is both powerful and unrestrained, is nothing short of extraordinary. Each lyric is delivered with a raw emotional intensity that is complemented by her impressive dance moves and seamless facial expressions.

Jennifer Hudson’s hit song appears to be tailor-made for Courtney Hadwin’s unique talents. Her voice, personality, and stage charisma are a perfect match for this show-stopping finale, resulting in a rendition of “And I’m Telling You” that is even more soulful and authentic than the original.

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