They couldn’t find the cat for a fortnight, until they heard a piteous squeak under a layer of concrete

The owner of a cat called Jimmy, who had been missing from her home for a fortnight, was already desperate to find her pet – until strange noises were heard by neighbours under the freshly poured concrete floor.

Two days after the cat went missing, Jimmy’s owner sounded the alarm

A cat called Jimmy suddenly disappeared from the home of his German owner, Meiki Vilsack. She had no hope of being reunited with her pet since he had been gone for a fortnight. She unsuccessfully tried to find her pet – hanging up flyers on the streets, posting ads on social media, asking around her neighbours.
It turned out that Jimmy wasn’t far away – but in a place no one would have thought to look.

Just at that time, a man living in a neighbouring house was pouring a new floor in his garage. Shortly afterwards, the neighbours began to hear strange noises, like a pathetic meow, coming from somewhere outside the house.
At first it was not clear where the mewing was coming from, but then the man identified the exact source of the sound – it was coming from underneath the freshly poured concrete!

A neighbour then called the woman because he had heard that her cat was missing and guessed that he might have been the one meowing. Two weeks had passed since his disappearance.

In order to free the meowing prisoner, rescue workers had to be called in and an entire rescue operation had to be carried out – a suitably sized hole had been punched in the corner of the garage.
The owner recognised her Jimmy by his voice: “I was standing next to him and he started meowing. I recognised him straight away!”

The frightened cat flatly refused to come out, and only came out after a long 10-hour wait! After this stressful incident, the owner took the cat to the vet – the vet determined that the cat had lost a lot of weight, but was otherwise fine.
Finally, the missing cat returned home!

According to Maika Vilsack, the cat may have crawled into a crevice under the floor looking for a mouse, then got frightened by the noise of the construction work and climbed up further. “It was the saddest two weeks of my life,” recalls Jimmy’s owner. – “It’s incredible that he survived, but I’m insanely happy.”

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