These Two Poor Husky Pups Were Left Abandoned In A Park With A Note From Their Owner

Taking your doggos to the dog park to run around and play with other dogs are practically the highlight of their day. It makes them feel free and when you see the happiness on their faces, it makes you as the owner proud and happy.

So it becomes a win-win situation for everyone! But not all dogs are as lucky to have owners that love them to infinity and beyond, as it should be because dogs are a man’s best companion through thick and thin. Some people just don’t realize this and will abandon their dogs for various reasons, from which the main one probably is that they’re not cute and little anymore.

If you get a dog you should look after them regardless what challenges you have, because you decided to get them. Jada and Layla were two unfortunate little pups who had the wrong owner and they were abandoned in a park because of that. May this be a reminder to #AdoptDontShop.

1. Meet Jada and Layla
They were found in Woodward dog park n California scared and lonely and all by themselves.

2. Food and toys
The person who came across Layla and Jada in the dog park also found food and toys that were left behind for them.

3. Note attached
With the food and toys, they also found this note presumably from their owner asking nicely that they do not get split up.

4. Park manager to the rescue
Luckily somebody called the park manager Mona Ahmed and she came as quickly as she could to the two sisters rescue, and when she arrived bystanders told her that the one-year-old pups have already been sitting there for about 3 hours.

5. Danger
Mona Ahmed realised that Jada and Layla were put in danger. She had the following to say: «They could have jumped the fence… There is a very busy road right in front of the dog park»

6. They got a new mommy
Thanks to Mona Ahmed the two pups were rescued successfully and they are now with a foster mom who will take great care of them and will make sure they are together wherever they go.

7. It still hurts
A sad story always has a happy ending, but Mona is still angry about the whole situation: «This makes me feel angry. This is not the way you give dogs away. All they had to do was ask for help»

8. Let’s all help
Jada and Layla are only one case of pets being abandoned. It is sad, frustrating and we all should stand up and fight against this. Rather ask somebody for help when you no longer can take care your pet instead of just abandoning them as they count on you to take care of them. It is wrong and we must stop it from happening!

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