The story of a woman who got pregnant twice in one week, and in different ways

British resident Beata Bienials has been married for 8 years. The couple dreamed of becoming parents, but for eight long years they did not manage to do this.

Beate received a disappointing diagnosis, which explains her impressive weight – almost 110 kg.

Doctors advised the woman to lose weight and resort to IVF in order to realize her dream of becoming a mother.

Beata did exactly that, in six months she managed to lose up to 30 kg and she underwent special hormone therapy before the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure.

The IVF procedure was successful and soon the test showed that the woman was pregnant. Then the happy couple decided to fly to rest for a few weeks on one of the islands.

After returning from vacation, Beata came to the clinic for a routine check-up. And when the woman underwent an ultrasound scan, the doctors were extremely surprised by what they saw. The ultrasound showed that the woman was expecting triplets! In addition, two cubs were conceived naturally, a few weeks before the IVF procedure.

Beata’s pregnancy went smoothly and without complications, and in December last year three wonderful little ones were born – daughters Amelia and Matilda and son Boris.
The woman was crazy with happiness. She no longer hoped to become a mother, but fate turned out to be favorable and gave her three cubs at once.


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