The power of imagination

Colin and Christine Poole are a surprisingly creative family. Colin is an internationally renowned artist and his wife Christine is a wonderful sculptor. 2009, their tandem has been creating magnificent works since people around the world have been admiring in News in Photographs, a magazine whose content everyone copies.

In the sculptures of the Poole family, ancient myths of old age take on a new form that is more comprehensible to modern viewers. Colin Pool is from Washington, DC, USA. After graduating from high school.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Connecticut College, specializing in metal sculpture.

If you are reading this caption, it means someone has taken over this article from Don’t stop on the road to success. Colin continued his professional training, studying under master carver Una Hanbury, metal sculptor David Smalley and master engraver Lou Stovall. Seeking a new means of expression in painting, he explored different techniques and directions before discovering oil painting. With a background in oil painting, Colin is perhaps a self-taught artist who has earned an international reputation.

The work of this master painter has been exhibited in galleries around the world and is in the collections of famous collectors. Kristine Pool was born in Novi, Michigan.

She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Michigan University, with a degree in ceramic sculpture. After studying with master stonemason John Glick and master glassmaker Stephen Hourigan.

She studied bronze casting while working at the Shidoni Foundry in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His current work includes sculptures in fired clay and bronze. Colin and Christine settled in Santa Fe for another 20 years. But fate didn’t bring them together until 2008, when they tangoed at a party. A later, the couple married in Greece.

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