The man helped the crow family for a year. On the porch he found a strange sign of gratitude

The crows never tire of surprising us! Here is another example of the fact that these birds know very well what gratitude is. Stuart loves watching wildlife. So when a family of crows moved into his backyard, he had nothing against it. The birds built a nest, and in the summer they had chicks. The man really enjoyed listening to the squealing of the young and watching how the parents rushed in flapping their wings and brought food to the offspring. He fell asleep and woke up to the cawing of crows, but he didn’t mind.

But one day he noticed that the cries of the birds had changed. They seemed anxious. And Stuart decided to check what was wrong. When he came out, he found two teenage crows in the middle of the yard. Still short-winged, the chicks sat on the ground. And the parents fidgeted, unable to help. But one person could help. And he did. Stuart returned the babies to their native nest, despite the outrage of adult crows. After a spontaneous act of kindness, Stuart thought a bit and put bowls of food and water under the tree, in case the chicks fell again. He began to regularly update stocks, and after a while began to feed older crows. The man regularly left food specially bought for the crows in the same place. After a while, he discovered that the crows appreciated his generosity. In the morning he would go out to feed the crows. Everything is as usual, no wonder. But where he usually threw food, Stuart found a strange thing: a fir twig with the key to a soda can on it. The man was very surprised. After all, he is not used to scattering garbage and always sweeps the yard neatly. Where could this strange artifact come from? He fed the crows and went about his business, but the next day history repeated itself.

There was another lying next to yesterday’s twig. Crows stole the key to the jar somewhere, bit off a pine branch and put a metal ring in it. It looked like a gift, an attempt to symbolically thank the person. And what did they have but garbage?

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