The little girl heard her favorite song while walking with her mother. He left her mother’s hand and ran to dance

It is very pleasant to walk in the street in the evening, with children or alone. Shopping centers are quite active in the evening, because people are at work in the morning, and they are free in the evening. People often go out to have a good time. A little girl also went for a walk with her mother and when she reached the shopping center, she suddenly heard her favorite music. and stopped at once. She really liked the performance of <Despasito>. The girl began to perform the movements of her favorite music without a second’s thought.The girl danced and smiled without shame. The people in the area couldn’t pass by indifferently, they stood up and started clapping, and the little girl seemed to be in the arms of her dreams and did not notice the people gathered around her.The little girl was 9 years old, she loved singing and dancing.

And the favorite song made him crazy, she loved the performance so much that she knew who the author of the song was and everything about the song. She danced throughout the song. The song was quite popular and was rated as a popular performance by music journalists. The performance is really great, and dancing during the song was like flying. That’s how the little girl flew without limits and shyness. And her mother did not want to hold her back, because her daughter was very different and free. The little girl was able to attract people’s attention in a short time, giving them high spirits.After the end of the song, everyone applauded and said that she dances very nicely, that she should visit the shopping center often so that the people gathered can have a high mood. The girl was very happy with their words, holding her mother’s hand they left. It was such a crazy evening that came to an end.



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