The little girl captivated the jury with her magnificent performance. Even Simon said yes to her

We have seen many videos of talent shows, Got Talent in particular. We laughed, we were surprised and we will continue to do all of these things in the future, because it looks like UK’s Got Talent is bringing out a lot of talent. This time it’s Connie Talbot: a beautiful 6-year-old girl who looks like she should be playing with her friends on the playground instead of singing in front of a gang of judges.

Everyone fell silent when Connie started to sing, he did it a capella and with perfect pitch. By the time the first note came out of her mouth, she had already managed to catch everyone’s attention, who watched as they drooled. And it’s that when you see such a small child on stage, you expect to see something adorable and, sometimes, that adorableness can be combined with incredible talent. This is the case of Connie, no one expected this girl to have such a magical and captivating voice. When the judges asked her name, Simon’s face looked somewhat confused, you could tell he wasn’t expecting much from Connie.

But when she started singing, her face changed dramatically, and when she finished the song, Simon said to Connie, “You’re fantastic.” We all know Simon Cowell for his toughness when it comes to judging contestants, and we rarely see him say anything nice to anyone, so when he does it’s because he really means it. . Watch the video with your own eyes to fall in love with this girl too. What do you think? Have you ever seen anything like this? Post your thoughts in the comments section!


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