The little boy listens to his favorite song and starts dancing without looking where he is

You can endlessly look at the kids who sing, dance or just playfully have fun and burp. However, there are children who stand out among others for their abilities, and maybe even talent. Two-year-old William is one of them. The video with the boy has long been known on the internet. The talented kid will conquer the millions of spectators with his dance. Now William is already 8 years old and he continues to amaze with his talent and ability to work. William Stokkebro is from Denmark. The boy was born into a family of dancers. Therefore, it is not surprising that in addition to his talent, he also has a very well-developed technique. The boy perfectly feels the rhythm and during the dance he periodically improvises and adds movements from himself. The first video that became very popular on the net was filmed in 2012. Then little William was only two years old, but even at such a young age he skillfully moved to the music, behaved very confidently and relaxed.

The next video with his participation, the parents posted five years later. But the audience did not forget the little dancer. The dance of Michael Jackson, which William danced in the living room, dressed in a carnival costume, again captivated netizens. The young dancer was just as relaxed and danced the moon dance very professionally. Since 2011, William’s parents Peter and Christina have opened their own dance studio where they teach dance to young children. The couple has been performing together for more than twenty years and during this time they managed to win many championships and receive awards. It looks like young William has no choice but to follow in the footsteps of his parents. However, the boy shows that he is very happy about this. William definitely has talent and a brilliant dance career awaits him. Parents do not often post videos with their son on the network, but even these rare performances made the boy famous and loved among Internet users. The talented child has already managed to perform at several competitions and win prizes.



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