The Jackson 5’s iconic first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

The Jackson 5 were a phenomenal ensemble of vocalists comprised of the five Jackson brothers.

Even though they are now well-known around the world for their Motown hits, the group was unknown when they made their first appearance on «The Ed Sullivan Show» in 1969.

Everything changed for the Jacksons on December 14th, as many consider their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show to be part of their major break into the industry.

Their performance was unforgettable, with brothers Tito and Jermaine on guitars, Jackie and Marlon on background vocals, and tiny Michael as the lead singer.

They had choreographed dance routines and an enthusiasm that made the entire audience want to join in on the fun.

And Michael’s voice was simply incredible. He possessed a range that many adults don’t understand at the age of ten, and he sang every song with intensity that most children don’t have.

Michael, despite his youth, had neither stage fear or nervousness. He was bold and personable, and he won everyone’s hearts by telling a wonderful story about meeting a young girl on the playground before singing one of their original songs.

The Jacksons performed three songs on The Ed Sullivan Show that night. They began with a cover of Sly and Family Stone’s «Stand!» before moving on to their soon-to-be-hit tunes «Who’s Loving You» and «I Want You Back.»

While all three songs were well-received, «I Want You Back» rapidly became a fan favorite when it was officially published in 1970 and immediately hit #1 on the Billboard 100 Charts.

«I Want You Back» has sold over 6 million copies since its release and is ranked 104 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The Jackson 5 secured a seven-year contract with Motown Records in 1969, shortly before their debut performance on the show, and continued to write, sing, and perform success after hit.

People liked the Jacksons’ dances, charisma, and catchy tunes when they saw them perform that night and for years to come. Despite the fact that the band as a whole was well-liked, it was clear from the start that Michael was destined to be a star.

After the band had exited the stage, Ed told the audience, «That little fella in front is incredible.»

Although the band remained together until 1984, Michael’s solo breakthrough led him in a different route.

Even though Michael Jackson became the King of Pop and a generational icon, many people remember him as he was on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1969: young, courageous, full of life, and doing what he loved, singing with his siblings.

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