The Greatest Drummer Ever… He is incredible!!!

A drummer is a type of percussionist who makes music with drums. A drummer is used in most modern Western bands that play rock, pop, jazz, or rhythm and blues for purposes such as timing and musical timbre embellishment.

A drum kit (or «drum set» or «trap set») consists of various drums, cymbals, and an assortment of ancillary equipment such as pedals, standing support mechanisms, and drumsticks. Drummers in many countries, in particular, use individual drums of various sizes and designs rather than drum kits. Some people only use their hands to beat the drums.

In larger groups, the drummer may be part of a rhythm section with other percussionists. These musicians provide the timing and rhythmic foundation for melodic instrument and voice players to coordinate their musical performance.

In some musical styles, such as world, jazz, classical, and electronic, the drummer is called upon to provide solo and lead performance in addition to the main rhythmic function, while the main feature of music is rhythmic development. Drummers have superior stamina, fitness, and hand-eye coordination.


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