The grandest “Lord of the Dance” performance yet

This new performance of “Lord of the Dance” electrified the in-house audience as the hit show returns to the stage.

Since 1996, Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance” has been dazzling audiences, and this incredible new performance of the hit number is possibly the most inspiring yet.

Filmed after 9 months of inactivity, two weeks of quarantine, and only 3 days of rehearsal, a new lead, Matt Smith, takes over Michael Flatley’s iconic number with charm and charisma.

The performance starts with the iridescent “Little Spirit” playing the iconic pennywhistle before the stirring traditional Celtic music accompanies 2 lone Irish dancers whose timing and synergy are wonderful to see.

It’s not long before 4 male dancers join the performance, their iconic tap-shoes creating a fantastic rhythm. The dancers are wearing bodycams and allow us to see the show from an incredible new view.

The show builds momentum and, before long, the entire stage is full of dancers all tapping in sync, the scope of this show is so impressive!

The most incredible moment is when the dancers all line up and react like dominos to Matt Smiths’ direction. The timing is impeccable and it’s a real visual treat!

As the performance finishes, the audience goes wild, reacting to the cast delivering, possibly, the performance of their lifetime. Michael Flatley can surely rest easy that his hit show is in good hands.

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