Teen on ‘AGT’ realizes father’s wish, leaving Simon Cowell speechless. Video

Simon Cowell is moved to tears by Flau’jae’s incredible rap performance on ’America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.’

Flau’jae enters the stage with a swagger, and Simon turns to smile at her.The 18-year-old Flau’jae claims to be from Savannah, Georgia.

Is your mother with you today, Simon asks? When they show her mother, she waves to everyone and Howie gives her a standing ovation.

In her initial audition, a flashback to 2018 is displayed. Flau’jae claims that both she and her father were rappers who were both killed when her mother was carrying her.

Flau’jae explains, ‘He couldn’t realize his dream, therefore that’s what I’m here to achieve.’

She performed an original rap during her first interview. As the audience holds up red light sticks and red lasers stream from the stage,

she starts rapping about the horrible death of her father while Howie bops his head the entire time.She circles the audience while repeatedly waving her hands.

Huge support for Flau’jae and her experience is evident from the sea of hands in the energized audience.

Her sentimental lines complement the laid-back groove well. Her image is displayed on the screens in

the back with a blue tinge. Following the riveting performance, Simon is unable to control his emotions.

Simon exclaims, ’I felt quite emotional during that,’ as he tells Flau’jae how much he enjoyed it.

Flau’jae thanks everyone and receives a thunderous round of applause as she leaves, beaming at having carried on her father’s heritage.


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