Sweet 15-year-old saves orphaned squirrels amid hurricane evacuation

Bailee Villavaso, 15, and her family are from New Orleans. When the hurricane started, they were forced to evacuate. But before that, Bailee has taken the time to lend a hand to a few tiny creatures whose lives have been turned upside down by a violent storm. The girl noticed a nest on the ground, which the wind had torn from the tree. She looked inside and saw three little squirrels, but their mother was nowhere to be found.

The girl didn’t want to leave them to their fate, so she rushed home to get a box and a towel. “I dried the squirrels with a towel and put them in the laundry box. They were extremely lethargic and huddled together to keep warm,” the girl said. Worried about their health, Bailee turned to her veterinarian parent for advice. He suggested that she buy powdered milk for the puppies and a small bottle.

The girl started feeding the squirrels twice a day. They immediately became more energetic, and within a day or so began running and climbing on their savior. Thus, the girl became the adoptive mother of three squirrels. She named them Alvin, Simon and Theodore, after famous cartoon chipmunks. When the family was forced to evacuate, the rescued animals left with everyone. Alvin, Simon and Theodore still live with Bailee in the house the family moved to.

And although the girl likes to take care of them, she understands that it should be done by properly trained people. She once tried to tie them up at a rehabilitation center, but she couldn’t because after the hurricane it was crowded with other animals. However, Bailee says she will continue to look for other rehabilitators who can rescue orphaned animals. In the meantime, they enjoy being together in their temporary home. And the squirrels seem pretty happy with their new mom.


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