Such singing is not taught, such a singer is born. The 16-year-old singer conquers the judges with his amazing voice.

It takes a lot of practice to become a great singer or musician. The popular TV show “X Factor” is trying to find and reward hidden talents among ordinary people. A prime example of this is Luke Lucas, a 16-year-old from Kent, England, who has a fantastic talent.

Appearing on The X Factor would be an incredible experience for anyone, but for Luke, it was a special pleasure. As he admitted in an interview before the performance, as well as on stage, he is seriously in love with the beautiful singer and TV presenter Tulisa. She is one of the judges of the contest and will be right in front of him when he sings a version of the song “Who’s Lovin’ You” by Smokey Robinson’s Jackson Five (Michael Jackson, of course, was the lead singer). But before he started singing, she called him to kiss him on the cheek

You’d never think it when you hear his normal voice, but it’s impossible to describe how well Luke sings ‘Who’s Lovin’ You’. Watch the video posted below and see (or hear) for yourself.
The audience was stunned and all four judges were impressed, including Tulisa, who told him, “I think you’re just adorable” and “You’ll win over all the ladies in this competition”. Gary Barlow added: “You didn’t learn to sing like that; you were born to sing like that.”
After leaving the stage, Luke pointed to his cheek and enthusiastically announced, “Tulisa kissed me!” He also joked, “I think this will lead to a proposal.” What youthful enthusiasm!


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