Stray dog takes refuge in a Christmas nativity scene to give birth to seven beautiful puppies

 In a barnacle filled with straw, this street dog gave birth to seven puppies, much like Mary did when Jesus was born.

A charming Nativity tableau was on show in a modest tent in the central plaza of Palenque, Mexico. This one features the customary assortment of holiday figurines posing in peaceful stillness, but a new addition is an unexpected one: a pregnant stray dog.
The adorable puppy apparently saw the Christmas nativity scene as a secure area and ended up using it as a haven. She might take a respite from the chilly streets and, if necessary, offer lighting. When local journalist Eric Guzmán noticed this, he found her curled up inside the straw.

Eric looked closer and saw that the dog had given birth to seven puppies. The dog appeared to have made the Christmas birth her only option for a secure and comfortable place to give birth.

Eric told The Dodo, “He was astonished and happy to see that his pups were in a safe environment.” He said, “They were never damp or cold. It should be noted that while Palenque is typically hot throughout the year, it starts to get cold around December, and dogs are frequently seen hiding from the elements.

Since Eric first started telling people about the dog and her puppies in the manger, many people from Palenque have traveled there to see them for themselves, some even bringing food and drink. Even the local government got involved and agreed to let the family of dogs stay for however long they needed to.
Along with references to holiness, Dejando Huellitas SOS Palenque’s animal lovers have stepped up to ensure the dogs’ care both now and in the future and have started looking for homes for them to live in.

Although Eric does not consider the puppies’ birth inside the Christmas manger to be a miracle, he does believe it will have a lasting impact. The journalist hoped that as citizens, “we will be more cognizant of stray dogs and would adopt them rather than buy them.” He said, “We should love them no matter where they come from.”

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