Some unusual marriages proving that love doesn’t know boundaries

Love is not only evil, but also blind. Such a bright feeling has neither restrictions nor any norms. We calmly perceive marriages with a large difference in the age of the spouses. But if one of the spouses has a specific appearance, then the couple immediately becomes the object of discussion. Here are some extraordinary cases which will amaze you greatly.

Kyle Jones, 31, and Marjorie McCool, 91

They are often mistaken for grandmother and grandson. They started dating in 2009. Kyle admits that he has always been drawn to grown women.

Verne Troyer and Genevieve Gallen

In 2004, actor Verne Troyer married Playboy model Genevieve Gallen. The actor’s height is 82 cm, and the model is 188 cm. Actually, the next day they decided to leave, Troyer realized that the model had married him for the sake of money.

Indian resident Mangli Munda married a stray dog

The village council decided that in this way they could avoid the evil spell that threatens the entire village. A couple of months later, she married a man.

28-year-old Chinese man married a doll

The man decided to take this step after doctors diagnosed him with cancer. He decided to feel all the joy of the wedding day, but did not want to hurt the living girl. After all, he had only a few months left.

The hairiest man in the world and his wife

Yu Zhenghuan, a 32-year-old Chinese man, has 96% of his body surface covered with a thick black hair. But that didn’t stop him from getting married. He has already started a course of laser hair removal, which partially eliminates his hair.

Grace Gedler married herself after six years of loneliness

The British woman arranged a wedding for 50 people. She explained her act by the fact that she hadn’t met with anyone for 6 years and decided that she didn’t need men at all.


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