Soldier Returns From Deployment And Nervous Dog Sniffs, Then Attacks

When a soldier left for a many-month deployment to Kuwait, her family’s German Shepherd was still a young puppy. So when she got home, Seiko the Shepherd wasn’t quite sure who was at the door. After all, dogs don’t recognize you by your looks. But once her pup was able to get a good long sniff, she knew exactly who she was.

And she couldn’t contain her excitement that she was finally home.

Some canines can’t contain themselves when you leave the room for a mere minute, never mind the excitement they must feel after you return from a year-long deployment. But when Seiko’s sister finally returned after a year away, she didn’t initially know who she was.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always expected a dog’s excitement to begin the moment they laid eyes on their long-lost loved one. But, it’s humans who recognize each other by sight. Dogs recognize their pack members more by smell and sound. The freak-out finally began when Seiko got a good whiff and heard her sister speak.

Of course, when the reunion video was shared on YouTube, it went viral. Clips of soldiers reuniting with their pets are incredibly heartwarming to witness, and this video is so sweet and wholesome.

The video begins with Bailey wearing her uniform and standing alone at the front door. The videographer pans to the right, and we see Seiko come running down the hall. The Shepherd runs to the door but jumps and shows some hesitation. Then, she extends her nose to give Bailey a sniff, barks, and backs up. She’s confused as to who is standing at the door.

Then, once her sister speaks, and Seiko has had a few moments to get in a good sniff, she knows exactly who is standing there. Suddenly, Seiko starts covering her in puppy kisses, with her tail wagging like crazy. Seiko even jumps-up and puts her paws on Bailey’s shoulders. Her enthusiasm is evident, and she can’t stop spinning, sniffing, and kissing her long-lost sister.

Bailey is so happy to be back, and she smiles as she loves-up on, scratches, and plays with sweet Seiko. Seiko may not have recognized her sister at first, but once she did, it was so obvious that she was incredibly glad Bailey was back home. At the end of the video, she even starts running back and forth, bringing her toys!

You can check out the smile-inducing video below.

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