Runner froze when he heard a strange noise in the forest. Then he found a black ”pile” of puppies

Ashlie Blake and her trainer Joshua Scott went out for their usual run in the forest in Tennessee, USA.

Halfway to the finish line, in the middle of the forest, a faint noise caught their attention. Somewhere near the treadmill, a suspicious rustle was heard.

Ashlie and Josh decided to stop by and find out what was going on.

When Ashley and Josh carefully approached the place where the rustling came from, they saw an incomprehensible black pile, but then realized what it was.

The couple immediately called for help. While Ashlie and Josh waited for help, they comforted the puppies and did their best to protect them from the cold.

“They were scared and whined all the time,” says Blake. “It wasn’t until they realized that we didn’t want to hurt them and that we were warm that the little ones started to calm down.”

Luckily, the puppies found heroes who saved their lives.

A rescuer took the pups to his car and now they were in safe hands thanks to Ashlie and Joshua who decided to find out about the strange noise in the woods.

Without them, the puppies most likely died of starvation or cold, unable to help themselves.

After rescuing the babies, Ashlie and Josh continued their run, knowing that they would now be taken care of.

The park ranger left the puppies at his house overnight, and the other day he took them to the animal welfare organization. Soon Ashlie and Josh decided to visit the puppies, after which the man took one of them to his house.

Now Barkley, as the baby was named, has found his home, love and care.

Thanks to Ashlie, Joshua and the park ranger, these pups got their second chance.

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