Robbery by… The man was shocked from an unexpected guest who broke in his car

Relationships between animal and people are one of the most beautiful things in the world. Sometimes seeing a small contact between them can make your whole day. They are being funny, weird and sometimes can do thing you would never expect them to do.

We are used to seeing dogs and cats around people, but sometimes forget about other animals. For example monkeys who are very friendly and clever animals too! And the hero of this story, a naughty monkey, decided to make move himself but not for good purpose.

He just opened the door of the car, grabbed the things he wanted to take and continued his path. It is so funny how unbothered he looked, as If it was how all was supposed to be.

We are all used to seeing that a person only takes from nature for himself – without giving anything in return. And here everything is the other way around, a person found himself in a situation where they take from him and he has nothing at all wink from this.

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