Prince William and his wife told about their relationship: their perfect marriage

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been married for about 12 years, and during this time they had three children.

Nevertheless, in the print media now and then there are stories about the lies of the prince and all sorts of family conflict, although in public the couple gives the impression of being perfect.

Is this a bluff, or are they really happy? Two quotes by Kate and William about each other provide an answer to this question.

Kate Middleton and the heir to the British throne, Prince William, revealed their engagement in 2010.

After that, they gave several joint interviews in which they enthusiastically told about their first meeting at the University of St. Andrews and their feelings for each other.

Then Kate and William said that they greatly respect and value each other.

“We both have a lot of fun together, we both have a very good sense of humor. Kate has a lot of habits that delight me,” William said then.

Kate, on the other hand, spoke in a totally another way.

“All over the years, William has taken care of me and treated me very well. As a loving man, he was very supportive of me in both good times and bad times,” she disclosed.

It just looks like each of them found in a partner something that he especially appreciates, and he himself is ready to give something in return.

Jolly William for the sake of his beloved can become serious and responsible. And the “correct” Kate knows how to be perky. Why not a perfect marriage?

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