People thought they had rescued a sheepdog puppy – but it turned out to be a predator

A family noticed a puppy outside their house – at first they thought it was a baby sheepdog that was lost. But when they took a closer look at the “puppy”, they had their doubts.

A family from Massachusetts in the US spotted a small puppy outside their home. The puppy was running right by the roadside and they rushed to help it. At first they thought it was a German Shepherd puppy, but when they got a closer look, they realised there was something wrong with the ‘puppy’.

To resolve their doubts, the family contacted New England Wildlife Heart. It turned out their doubts were not unfounded – the “sheepdog puppy” was in fact a coyote. The rescue centre took the baby and began caring for it. At the centre it was reunited with other rescued coyotes.

The coyote cub was reared with the characteristics of coyotes and life in the wild in mind, and tried to teach it everything its coyote parents would have taught it. After about six months, the little coyote no longer fit into the standard enclosure. It grew up to be an active, healthy and beautiful predator.

It also befriended a female coyote with whom they were the same age. When they were ready, the couple were released into the wild together. They are now living where they are supposed to be and living near their congeners.

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