No one congratulated the mother on the daughter’s birthday

A mother was unable to comprehend the sudden deep calm in the room immediately after the delivery of her child.

She was afraid that her words would upset the delicate balance. Eliza Jamkochean Bahneman, 36, and her husband Erik, 41, finally had a child in 2018 after nine months of trying. Bahneman was thrilled to announce her pregnancy to her sister, sister-in-law and other close friends.

They all went through pregnancy and childbirth at the same time. The mother could not wait for her darling child to arrive. The mother gave birth to a healthy child a month earlier than expected. In October 2018, Isabella, also known as “Bella”, gave birth to a healthy child. At birth, he weighed 512 pounds. What was supposed to be a joyful event began to fade. The quiet, invading dark whispers of the room terrified Bahneman.

Bella was diagnosed with the very rare genetic condition Treacher Collins after being transferred to the NICU. As a result, the facial bones are unable to grow steadily. Isabella was born with a host of difficulties, including hearing impairment and limited range of motion in her arms and legs as a result.

Bella was forced to attend a number of therapy sessions. Following her illness, this 2-year-old girl was subjected to harsh societal reactions, and others judged her only on her appearance. There would be much less variance to experience if everyone on Earth were the same.

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