«No one believes they are sisters, much less that they are twins»: How the girls look 13 years later

A few years ago, an interracial couple became the happy parents of twin girls. But the interesting thing is that the babies were born totally different from each other. And with each passing year, this difference became more noticeable.

Millie grew up exactly like her Jamaican-born father, Michael. Marcia, on the other hand, took her skin colour, hair and eyes from her European mother Amanda.

So the girls began to attract the attention of journalists, because such children with different skin colors, born as twins, rarely appear.

But Amanda and Michael are not at all embarrassed by such close attention to their children. On the contrary, they agree to any interviews to help solve the racial problem in children and adolescents. Young people are even glad that they will be able to contribute to solving such an important problem for society.

The father is particularly interested in protecting his children. He has faced racism many times, so he tries to raise public awareness of the problem as much as possible.

Every year, the girls become more and more unlike each other. This comes as a real shock to strangers who are not familiar with Michael and Amanda.

However, the parents of the remarkable children never tire of answering all sorts of questions that arise on a daily basis. A picture of the miracle sisters was even featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

It had an article about the beauty of the different races that have arisen on Earth.

The girls differ not only in appearance but also in personality. Millie is the dark-skinned modest girl, while Marcia is the mischievous blue-eyed kid. Press interest in these sisters has not diminished over the years. I wonder what they will be like in a few more years?


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