My mother was very much expecting a granddaughter, and she was very upset when she found out it was a boy

My mother herself dreamed of a girl, though she and my father were lucky to have sons at first. I was the fourth child in the family, the youngest and very desirable. My mother often called me a princess, and she was very fond of me when it came to me. As a joke, she sometimes said that boys were too naughty and that she found it harder to get along with them. That’s why when she found out after the ultrasound that I was expecting a boy, she got a little depressed.

For me and my husband, the sex wasn’t that important, since we had been in love with the baby ever since we found out I was pregnant. After the ultrasound, we started buying things and getting the baby’s room ready little by little, choosing more or less “boyish” toys and clothes, and my mom told us not to rush, because anything can happen.

I don’t know if she was praying to someone or if she knew something, but after the birth we were a little bit taken aback by the news – we had a girl. Sometimes it happens that the ultrasound may show one thing, but in fact will be something else.

Mom, of course, is thrilled, and I’m wondering if we need to change the blue jumpsuits with the image of cars or not? I don’t really want people to think that there’s a boy in the stroller when they go for a walk.

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