Mother spent $16,000 to transform her daughter into a beauty

The British media have already written about the young winner of beauty contests many times. Today Tina Valchak is 10 years old and she spent half of them preparing and participating in competitive shows.

The mother of the multiple winner admitted that participation in children’s beauty contests had already cost them sixteen thousand dollars. At the same time, neither Madara Zilbert nor her husband, Voychech Valchak, never regretted spending.

Unlike other parents of little contestants, the couple did not pursue ambitious goals, on the contrary, the idea of “becoming a princess” belonged to Tina. The girl was only five when she saw the TV show Toddlers and Tiaras (crowned children). The festive atmosphere and bright outfits so impressed her imagination that she literally fell ill with the desire to participate in the program. Madara did not immediately decide to make her daughter’s dream come true, but after a couple of weeks she began to look for information about local analogues of the American reality show.

Toddlers and Tiaras has its own representative office and Tina was immediately registered for participation in the project in Dublin. The first competition cost £1,000, with costumes, hairdos and special makeup making up the bulk of the expenses, plus hotel and travel expenses.

But as soon as her daughter took the stage, Madara realized that money is just a means to reach the goals. It was the first time she had seen Tina so bright and confident. In ordinary life, the baby is shy and hardly communicates with strangers, and during the show, Tina was transformed beyond recognition and looked happy.

In the city of Wellingborough, where the family lives, Madara works in a retail chain, and Voychech is a warehouse worker. Parents of the contestants make substantial payments, and in order to save money, the woman sews outfits for her daughter herself, does her makeup and styling.

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