Meet the cutest stallion in the earth Frederick the Great

The horse is involved in the breed of Friesian types.

They are considered to be notable as they had an amazing coat. Its color was dark black. And also have a look the tail, mane. This animal is a real wonder.

The origin of the breed comes from the Netherlands. But its antecedents were spread in Western Europe. They can participate both in competitions and also in exhibitions.

They are rather clever and easily can be trained and ridden. They are considered to be the most charm in the earth. So you know the reason. Actually it would like to be petted. We should mention not only his beauty but also it is rather thankful.

It managed to get a lot awards and not just of its appearance but also for participation in different kind of contests. It is amazing, charming and elegant.

A photographer Matherly was so touched with the charm of the horse that captured some photos of the horse and posted on the Internet. They quickly were spread on social media.

Its appearance is so astonishing that it is hard to imagine about its existence. So the animal life is a real wonder. Sometimes words are not enough to describe beauty.

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