Lovable dog Bruno who runs 4 miles every day to greet town residents becomes local legend

Dogs are the humans’ best friends. They are very kind creatures and have a big heart for everyone.

People admire their loyalty and unconditional love, their gentle way of care and friendly behavior. They fill the lives of their humans with joy and happiness.

Bruno is a special dog, who brings his love and kindness to everyone.

It’s not a secret that all dogs like to walk, wonder. They are fond of adventures.

Bruno, a living legend, is doing it for one reason: it’s to walk 4 miles from his home to Longville every day to say hi to all the residents of the town.

The friendly dog has been doing it more than 12 years.

Apparently, Bruno was a stray dog before he was adopted. His owner Larry LaVallee met him very occasionally on his driveway.

When he saw the little pup, he immediately felt in love with him. He adopted him without hesitation.

Larry, learning about the daily adventures of his friendly dog, tried to give an end to this strange habit. He worried about Bruno, as during that wonders, he might get hit by a car.

But he had no success. So, he had to agree with his dog’s routine, letting him complete his everyday journeys.

Everyone in Longville knows Bruno. His beloved places, he usually visits, are the library, offices, the ice cream shop, grocery shops and the city hall.

People kindly welcome him with delicious food and warm hugs. Bruno is everyone’s buddy.

He is so famous and loved by everyone, that the community decided to carve a statue of him.

The lovable dog is considered to be the Longville’s ambassador.

Please, watch the below video with this adorable, friendly dog!



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