Look How the Celebrities Used to Dress During Red Carpets then and now

Famous people are always on the spot. Reporters, fans, and the audience want to know as much about them as possible, and they are specifically interested in their personal life. Films featuring them are bestsellers, but it is nothing compared to something intimate about their looks. In this article, we will remember their first appearance on the red carpet and the last one. It is wonderful looking at them.

Do you recognize Taylor Swift

Make Up is totally different

You can asume Ryan Reynolds is still «,your friendly neighborhood guy» back then

And obn his rest appearance

A few dozen years have past since Brad Pitt’s first appearance

As if he hasn’t aged

Young Ryan Gosling

Manned up

Paris Hilton has changed her image as well

Which one is better?

Can you measure Dwayne Johnson’s shoulder width?

It is all the same

Jennifer Aniston’s fans will appreciate

Amazing as always

Emma Watson basically a child

You can’t unsee this

Leonardo Dicaprio no need to comment

A strong style now

Rianna wasn’t wearing an evening dress

Today it’s a tottaly different style

It’s Jennifer Lopez’s turn

What do you think?

What if we compare Justin Bieber then and now?

Our days


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