Little Boy ‘Helps’ Mom With Shopping List: It’s Hard To Keep A Straight Face

A little boy tries to help his mother by taking charge of creating the family’s weekly shopping list and his efforts are beyond adorable. He does his best not to forget anything, from “girls” to “matoes”. For this week’s shopping, Mother Chrystal Logsdon got the help of the sweetest assistant ever, as her youngest son wanted to take charge of creating the weekly shopping list.

Luckily for us, Chrystal decided to film the whole scenario so we can all enjoy the adorable moment when the young boy stands ready with a ballpoint pen and a notebook to jot down all the errands his mother needs. When Chrystal starts listing all the products she wants to buy for the week, her pretty saleswoman repeats everything her mother tells her before writing it down in her notebook.

The young boy is so into it that he’s ready to add the next item to his shopping list seconds after jotting down the first one. The most adorable part of the whole scene, however, is how Chrystal’s son pronounces all the races he writes on his list, from “girls” to “matoes” to “sghetti.”

Even though his articulation might not be perfect, it’s the most adorable thing ever. We’re sure everyone wants to have a shopping assistant like this cutie, although one might need a backup list. Isn’t Chrystal’s son the nicest?

Do you remember a word that you weren’t able to pronounce correctly when you were a child? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article on to others!

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