Lauren Daigle’s song ‘You Say’ is inspired by a ballet dancer without arms who completely mesmerized the judges and audience.

On America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023, 18-year-old Vitoria Bueno performed, leaving the judges and viewers in utter admiration.

She is a stunning young lady with a soul that glows just as brilliantly as her million-watt smile! Additionally, she is armless.

The film starts with the judges welcoming and chatting with Vitoria as she enters the stage with Mayara Falsarella.

Not only does Mayara translate for Vitoria, but she also teaches her how to dance. Since Vitoria started taking dance lessons at the age of five, she has been working with her.

They resemble a family unit!After the greetings, we discover a little more about Vitoria.Vitoria, who was born with a genetic abnormality and can now operate very well without arms.

She applies makeup, brushes her teeth, and eats and drinks with her feet. Vitoria has remarked, ‘Arms are only a detail for me when I’m dancing. I look after them as if they were present.’

Vitoria participated in Season 15 of Das Supertalent, Germany’s version of American Idol. In the first round, she received the ‘Golden Buzzer,’

and in the end, she came in second place behind acts including dance teams, singers, a magician, and others.

Vitoria called All-Stars ‘the finest show in the world’ and its competitors ‘the best,’ and she was overjoyed to be asked to compete.

Victoria starts out with a fantastic performance. Vitoria truly embodies an angel in her white attire.

She is incredibly graceful, poised, strong, and balanced. Her steps are steady, and so is her smile.

Following her conclusion, there is a brief period of astonished stillness before the crowd erupts in applause and the judges stand to applaud.

Mayara, who has been observing and admiring Terry Crews and Vitoria, rushes to Vitoria’s side as she starts to cry.

Simon, Howie, and Heidi all adore Vitoria! Regarding Vitoria’s future on the show, the viewers will have the final decision, but she has definitely left an impression!

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